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Maintenance and manufacturing of cutting tools since 1984

Quality machinery is one of Hiomopalvelu Jussi’s strengths

Our machinery at Hiomopalvelu Jussi conforms to the highest standards in the industry. Diverse, high-quality machinery is capable of even the most demanding processes in the manufacturing and maintenance of cutting tools. Our professional staff are skilled in the use of the machinery and the finished work is of top quality.

Our machinery

  • 1 Wire EDM Machine
  • 2 CNC grinding machines
  • 1 cylindrical grinder
  • 3 twist drill sharpener
  • 5 manual tool grinding machine
  • 1 induction heatener for brazing
  • 1 automatic sharpener for cold circular saw blades
  • 1 centering lathe
  • 1 Galileo measuring device
  • 1 hardness meter
  • 1 plug tap sharpener
  • 1 thread cutter sharpener

Quality machinery is one of the greatest strengths of our company. Expertise combined with quality machinery guarantees impressive results. Contact us!