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Maintenance and manufacturing of cutting tools since 1984

Cutting tool maintenance and manufacturing is one of Hiomopalvelu Jussi’s greatest skills

Tool maintenance and manufacturing has been one of Hiomopalvelu Jussi’s main areas of expertise throughout its history. Our family business was founded in 1984, so we have accumulated plenty of experience and skill over the course of 30 years. Our CEO is Tuomo Nieminen, the youngest son of the company’s founder, Juhani Nieminen. Tuomo’s brothers Timo and Teemu also work for the company. We also employ two people from outside the family.

Tool maintenance and manufacturing for the metal and wood industries

  • We are specialized in the maintenance and manufacturing of tools for the metal and wood industries. We also do maintenance for HSS steel and hard metal tools and the blades of cold circular saws. In addition, we manufacture and do maintenance for PCD tools.
  • We manufacture standard and special tools according to the customer’s requirements. CAD/CAM technology allows the realisation of special shapes drawn using Autocad.
  • In addition to other grinding work, we provide various Wire EDM cutting services.

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What is PCD?

As a cutting material, PCD is the hardest substance in the world, i.e. diamond. PCD tools can be used to work on all non-metallic materials, i.e. materials that do not contain carbon. Such materials include aluminium, brass and its alloys, copper, composite, rigid and reinforced plastic, urethane and wood materials, such as laminate and parquet.

PCD tools improve the efficiency and capacity of machinery through longer intervals in tool replacement and higher cutting values. The lifecycle of a diamond tool can be as much as one hundred times longer than that of an uncoated hard metal tool. With a new investment in machinery, our company is able to offer its customers high-quality PCD tools.

A diverse and flexible manufacturer

Thanks to our flexible delivery times and diverse machinery, we are able to swiftly fulfil even the most demanding of our customers’ orders. Our operation is guided by our determination to deliver top quality and we always complete orders within the required schedule.

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When you need a high-quality manufacturer or maintenance for cutting tools for the metal and wood industries, contact an experienced industry professional. Contact us!